Primate Tracking

Tracking primates is an experience that combines the best of nature and wildlife and that’s why adventure seekers across the globe enjoy this activity .As you trek through the tropical rain forests in search of gorillas, chimpanzees and monkey species, you will cross paths with several other wild and plant life including birds, unique plant and tree species not to mention the hiking to spice it all up.

Uganda’s top two primates are the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees though the country has a record of other 13 primate species including the common grey Vervet monkey, black & white colobus monkey, blue monkey,. golden monkey, baboons among others. If you are searching for an exciting primate tracking tracking adventure in Uganda, then you should consider a gorilla safari in Bwindi national park; home to over half the last surviving mountain gorillas in the world or visit the Kibale forest, a habitat of up 1500 chimpanzees plus other primates. Other destinations you can watch primates in Uganda include the Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth park, Budondo & Kaniyo Pabidi forests close to Murchison falls park plus the zoo – Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

If you are interested in tracking primates in Uganda, simply send us email and let us know whether you prefer the gorillas, chimpanzees or a both and we will craft an itinerary based on your personal needs and budget. You can get in touch with us by sending an email to or call us on +256 -782 061 184 to speak with the reservations team.

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