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Best Golden Monkey Habituation Experience in Uganda

//Best Golden Monkey Habituation Experience in Uganda
  • best golden monkey habituation experience

Uganda swells with the best golden monkey tracking and habituation experience, come see for your self!

Best golden monkey habituation experience – Uganda is home to many natural remarkable wonders and incredible mélange of animals and plant species and one of them is the most beautiful, rare and elusive golden monkey. The golden monkey is one of the 20 primate species found in Uganda and it’s gorgeous with golden hair mixed with orange, soft pelt, round face, and a long tail. It’s also known as “old world monkey” and it derives its name from the striking bright coloring tail, vibrant golden orange and patches of its back and torso.

Scientific classification of a golden monkey

Cercopithecus mitis kandti

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: primates

Suborder: haplorhini

Infraorder: simiformes

Family: Cercopithecidae

Genus: Cercopithecus

Species: c.kandti

Where do you find the best golden monkey habituation experience in East Africa?!

In East Africa, the golden monkey resides in Uganda and Rwanda particularly the endemic Albertine rift which is a geographic area of mountains and valleys that is confined between the northern and southern side of Lake Albert. Previously, the golden monkey used to live in broader areas in Uganda but now it can only be found in the Albertine Rift. If one wants to trek he/she will have to go to Mgahinga national park in Uganda and the trek starts at around 8:00 am and Virunga, volcanoes national park whose trekking begins at 7:00 am. And this is where the silver meets the gold to give you astounding experience.

What do golden monkeys feed on?!

Since the golden monkey lives in bamboo forests mostly it’s being threatened as a subject to constant deforestation, habitat loss and human threats who may set traps and noose. However, conservation efforts are underway to protect this animal but for now, it’s still imperiled.   The golden monkey is a herbivorous animal scrunching on bamboo leaves, shoots and other types of fruits in the adjusts its meals to the varying seasons as during dry season it feasts on exclusively fruits and dine on bamboo shoots and buds of other plants during wet seasons. This enables it to survive during climate variances of natural conditions.

What does the best golden monkey habituation experience feel like?!

It’s a great opportunity to have a glance at these rare monkeys in their habitat. while one is to do the trekking he/she is required to have permits directly from the country boards for example from Uganda wildlife Authority in Uganda while for Rwanda from Rwanda Development Board. The permits for golden monkey tracking change frequently unlike gorilla permits. The serendipity to observe golden monkeys in the wild is a lifetime opportunity that one is sure to become one of the highlights of one’s tour in Uganda. Uganda, unlike other famous golden monkey destinations, presents such unmatched golden monkey habituation experience

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