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Birding in Mpanga Forest Reserve Aka Small Birding Paradise

//Birding in Mpanga Forest Reserve Aka Small Birding Paradise
  • Birding in Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Birding in Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Location of Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Birding in Mpanga Forest Reserve – Birding in Mpanga central forest reserve – this evergreen small forest falls in the docket of some of Uganda’s remaining tropical rain forests. It covers a total land area of 453 hectares. Mpanga Forest is located in the Mpigi district in the Central region. The site is an hour’s drive away from Kampala city – southwest along Masaka highway, on a journey that covers 37 km. Mpanga Forest is located 1 km off the main road. The forest features heterogeneous tree species of great species i.e. Celtis family species with very large buttress roots, Ficus family species together with mahogany. The hard and weather-resistant Celtis is Mpanga’s dominant tree species. Mpanga Forest is encamped by a community of traditional drum makers who trail the forest for soft trees – suitable for the drum making. The communities, however, do still depend on the forest for firewood, charcoal, and medicinal herbs.

Attractions in Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Mpanga is a small home of many for instance; it sponsors such great biodiversity for its small size! The forest mothers an incredible 500 species of trees and shrubs, some 300 bird species, 97 butterfly species, and 112 moth species. There are 3 monkey species which include; the vervet, red-tailed and black-and-white colobus monkeys. Several small mammals such as the banded mongoose pottos, squirrels, pangolins and bush babies. A night at Mpanga Forest is your perfect opportunity for spotting the rare nocturnal bush babies and pottos.

Accommodation options in Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Mpanga Eco tourism campsite is the main accommodation option at the site. It features a 2 double room, 2 twin rooms, 8 bedded dormitory provision and a campsite in the forest flow. At this campsite, meals & campfire are available but notice for especially the fires is required.

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