Aero Link

Looking for an affordable flight to any National park around Uganda or any other destination in East Africa , Aero Link offers cheap chartered flights to and from Entebbe airport for couples, families or any other small groups. we at RAK Safaris organize road trips to several attractions but understand how fascinating and unique flying in plane to a destination of your choice feels like, not only do you avoid the long journey but also get chance to view the landscape from the air.
RAK Safaris is a proud partner of Aero Link and have been organizing flying safaris in Uganda for over 2 years. Just mention the park,  attraction or remote destination you would like to fly to and we will book a seat (s) for you.

To get in touch with us today, simply send us email to or call us on +256 -782 061 184 or visit our offices at Agape Close Ntinda to book ticket in person.

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