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Buganda palace / Mengo palace / Twekobe palace of Buganda Kingdom

//Buganda palace / Mengo palace / Twekobe palace of Buganda Kingdom
  • Buganda palace

 The Mengo palace or the Buganda palace or the Kabaka’s Mengo palace or the Twekobe palace

Description of Kabaka’s Buganda palace

This famous and costly structure is one of the three buildings (the other two include Bulange and Kasubi tombs) that symbolize the ancient glory of the Buganda Kingdom. it is located in the Lubiiri enclosure that seats on Mengo hill, which stands at an elevation of 4000ft. It was established by a famous Kabaka (king) of Buganda called Mwanga (11) during his reign in 1885 a year after sitting on the throne of his father.

How important is the Twekobe palace?!

This is the Kingdom’s prime palace for all Buganda Kings and thus it’s hereditary. The building is the official residence of the Kabaka of Buganda. However, the current kabaka does not favor home stays at this palace because of the “too much blood” that was spilled during the 1966 attack of the Lubiiri and his father; Sir Edward Muteesa (11) by troops from the central government. The Twekobe building was transformed into a torture chamber in the 1970s and thus served as a center that handled crimes the reign of late president Dr. Milton Obote.

When was this Mengo palace re-constructed?!

After rising to the throne in 1993, the current Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II alongside his assembly made concerted negotiations with the central government and the Kingdom regained the palace that very year. However the soldiers vacated the area in 1997 and the same, the Twekobe was refurbished though the work did not meet completion since the kingdom was preparing for the king’s wedding that would occur later in 1999.

When was this Buganda palace re-opened for the Buganda kingdom?!

On the 30th of March 2001, the president of Uganda Mr. Museveni donated shs 100 million to the Buganda treasury for the noble cause of refurbishing the Twekobe. Fortunately, the building was completed by July 2018 and was handled over to the kabaka during his 25 Jubilee celebration ceremony that marked his long reign on his fathers’ throne. The ceremony occurred on the 26th of July 2018.

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