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Cultural walk through the riddle of Sezibwa Falls

//Cultural walk through the riddle of Sezibwa Falls
  • Sezibwa Falls

Are the Sezibwa Falls Uganda’s hidden Cultural treasure???

Location of Sezibwa Falls

The effervescent Ssezibwa Falls is located in the Mukono district. At a distance estimated about 32km, East of Kampala. Just down the Kampala-Jinja High way. These falls are an attribute of yet another natural reward. The fizzy threshing River Ssezibwa. That courses from the swamps between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga. Close to the western side of the bubbly Victoria Nile in Buikwe district.  It also unbends on a desolate plunge of the River’s waters that the Central Buganda Kingdom in Uganda, alludes to as the Sezibwa Falls.

The prepossessing and sacred Ssezibwa falls are just a 45 minutes’ drive away from Kampala city. It is found in Mukono town down Jinja high way. It’s here that one wheel right at Kayanja trading center. Joining onto a bumpy dirt road for a short cruise of just 1.5km to the falls. The Ssezibwa Falls are the country’s concealed cultural treasures with parts owned by the Buganda kingdom and the Anglican Church.

Origin of the Sezibwa falls

The traditionalists apprise an intriguing legend concerning the origin of the gassy Ssezibwa falls. And it goes like this; at one time, a woman called Nakkungu Tebateesa bore twins. These were not human children as society would expect but two rivers; Wassawa and Kato as is among Buganda naming. It has stood the test of time. At delivery, River Bwanda glided its course east and our Ssezibwa cascaded westward encountering rather difficult hurdles.

The mighty Ssezibwa River surmounted his deterrent and as an attribute, many were so impressed. Further, this induced a traditional verbatim ‘sizibwa Kubo’, whose English translation is; nothing blocks my path! In addition, the river’s strength to overcome its stumbling blocks is believed to be a ‘secret working’ of the spirits thus to utter ‘Ssezibwa’ was so spiritually strong.

Culture encounters

Ssezibwa is one of Buganda’s heritage sites that protects a significant ancient culture. These days this culture is rare following the influence of the rise in foreign religions. However, a Buganda cultural tour will expose you to shrines to grasp intriguing traditional religions of Buganda.  The ancient spirits that are assumed to have caused the existence of Ssezibwa falls. You will encounter ancient traditional items such as coffee beans, spears, cowrie shells, barkcloth, pots, and calabashes.

These were used ancestral spirits and are used today by traditionalists to connect to the same spirits. But apparently, you can find them offering sacrifices to Ssezibwa and other spirits.

Birding at Sezibwa cultural site

Birding is also supreme at sezibwa falls since this natural balance homes an estimated 150 species of birds. And moreover, it’s such a birding destination, to crave a Birding visit. The birds include; the colorful Olive Sunbird, great cormorant, woodland Kingfishers and parrots in the grown Eucalyptus.

The surrounding acacia thickets, gigantic gold bamboo, and vibrant green jungle carry other birds like; the White-throated Bee-eater, Red-Eyed Dove, Little Green Sunbird, Green-headed Sunbird, Great Blue Turaco, and Lesser Striped Swallow. Additionally the; White-Chested Nigro Finch, Black-and-White Mankins, and many more fascinating birds.

Other activities at Sezibwa cultural site

Rock camping is possible with razor-shaped rocks stretching from a cliff-like feature. Although they can present somewhat a physical challenge to hiking, it gets cozy with physical encounters between visitors and wildlife. For instance, a meeting with skinks snakes sunbathing especially during the hot days. Furthermore, expert swimmers will get the opportunity to jump from rocks and plunge into the mild Whirlpool. Finally, those that cherish camping will find a camping haven characterized by fresh air, pleasant echoes of night insects and forest birds. You can tent wherever you wish in the space provided!

A cultural safari that rewards forever memories are our guarantee, travel with RAK SAFARIS. For all bookings and queries, contact our team of experts via or simply call +256782061184 to speak directly with our team.


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